Anybody that owns a pool or spa will recognise that sometimes it may need some attention. Perhaps you need that leak fixed, have that heater repaired, or are finding it hard to keep your water clean. We can solve all your dilemmas. Our services include pool and spa repairs, pool fencing, valet services and water analysis.

A Focus on pool and spa comfort

At Pools & Spa Kapiti we offer pool chemicals from Focus Products, a company that represents the pinnacle in Australasian water treatment and pool care.

Whatever your pool or spa water needs, the Focus range will be able to meet them. Chlorines, calciums, pH balancers, softeners, sanitisers, tablets; the list of Focus water treatments goes on and on. All Focus products are backed by a wealth of research and development, and are tried, tested and proven to work.

Soak in the finest water possible

With a wealth of knowledge on both local water characteristics and the most effective treatment methods, our team at Pools & Spa Kapiti are perfectly placed to create the best water conditions possible in your spa.

Using the latest and greatest in water testing technology – the WaterLink spin photometer – we analyse a current sample of your pool and spa water. This will help us complete a picture of your water situation, at which point we can guide you on enhancing your soaking experience.

Perhaps you need an increase in one mineral, or a reduction in another. Perhaps you need to better balance your pH or change your filter. Perhaps you should consider switching from chlorine to salt. Whatever the case, you can trust our experienced team to show you the best way forward!

The difference fresh, clear and feathery soft water can make to your swimming and soaking experience is incredible. If you’re keen to up your pool or spa game, speak with our friendly team today!