The Limelight® Collection


There’s no doubt that a backyard spa pool adds serious flair to your property. But it’s also true that not all spa pools are created equal - some add more flair than others. To call this spa pool the Flair® might come across a bit presumptuous... but this model, part of the Limelight collection by Hot Spring, more than lives up to the promise of its name. A hot tub that looks great, performs impeccably, and somehow feels even better, the Flair® is ready to host you, two or your whole crew.


6 Adults


213 x 213 x 91 cm


1,270 litres



Make it your own


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Solo? Six? The choice is yours

Many spa pools are built for a specific type of soak, whether solo and relaxing, a romantic dip for two, or a Friday night party. But in the Flair you have a hot tub that can do all of the above and more.

It takes one glance at the Flair to spot its defining feature: a luxurious recliner that unfurls itself across almost a third of the spa. With jets that stretch from the neck and shoulders, through the back, into the calves and right down to the feet, this seat offers one of the most indulgent solo soaks in the Hot Spring range. But look to the other side, and you’ll see five more seats, four of which come with their own jet arrangements. Whether you go it alone or bring some friends, the Flair is more than ready to host.

Immerse yourself in massage

Six jet designs, producing 43 individual streams - in terms of hydromassage, the Flair packs an impressive punch. Focused streams penetrate deep into tired tissues, while broad jets offer hydrotherapy in its most soothing form. You can even adjust your massage to taste, using the IQ2020® control panel found in the side of the unit.

You’ll be immersed in water, sure, but in the Flair you’re also immersed in light. 32 adjustable Raio® LEDs allow you to set the mood within the spa, while the multicoloured lighting in the cabinetry sets the mood beyond the water.

The future of spa care

Bye-bye tedious spa maintenance and big power bills. In the Flair, you have systems that represent the future of spa pool maintenance, and ensure that you spend less time working and more time playing:

  • The FreshWater® III CD Ozone system seriously simplifies spa pool water care.
  • The SilentFlo® 5000 circulation system lowers jet noise and spa wear and tear.
  • FiberCor® full foam insulation retains more heat and greatly reduces your power usage.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

6 adults


213 x 213 x 91 cm

Water Capacity

1,270 litres


400 kg dry
2,140 kg filled*

Lighting System

Raio™ multi-colour interior points of light (32) Exterior multi-colour lighting with timer


Entertainment Systems


Wireless Sound System

22” HD Monitor


Jet Count


Hot Tub Jets

1 XL Dual Rotary jet
2 XL Single Rotary jets
1 XL Directional jet
6 Standard Dual Rotary jets
2 Standard Directional jets
31 Directional Precision jets

Water Features

Vidro™ backlit ribbon waterfall

Control System

IQ 2020™ with LCD control panel 240v/15amp, 50Hz


240v / 15amp / 50Hz
Other configurations**


No-Fault™ 1500w/240v

Jet Pump 1

Wavemaster™ 8200 Two-Speed 2.0 HP continuous duty, 4.0 HP breakdown torque

Jet Pump 2

Wavemaster 8000 One-Speed 2.0 HP continuous duty, 4.0 HP breakdown torque

Ozone System

FreshWater™ Salt System ready for best spa water possible with less effort or FreshWater® CD High-Output Ozone  (choose one option only)

Water Carte Options

FreshWater™ Salt System Ready

Effective Filtration Area

9.3 m2, top loading filters

Vinal Cover Colours


Vinal Cover Options

9 to 6 cm tapered, 32 kg/m3 density foam core, with hinge seal in Caramel, Chestnut, or Slate

Cover Lifters (Optional)

CoverCradle™, CoverCradle II, Lift ‘n Glide™ or UpRite™ (Optional)

* Includes water and 6 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances