The Limelight® Collection

Bathe in the limelight

Looking for the most immersive of spa pool experiences? Look no further than the Limelight collection by Hot Spring - a range of spa pools that effortlessly combine beauty and grace with innovative performance, and feel every bit as stunning as they look.

If you’re on the hunt for a high-end soaking experience, from a spa that can form the centrepiece of your outdoor area, it might be time to step into the Limelight.

Purposeful minimalism

There’s beauty in restraint. Minimalism is a design philosophy that is far more difficult to get right than it might at first appear - every face, edge, contour and jet must be carefully placed in order for the whole to be greater than the sum of its sparse parts.

In the Limelight collection you have minimalism maximised. At first glance the design of these models might almost appear simple, but on closer inspection you’ll see every square centimetre of the spa pool is filled with purpose. Apply your choice of cabinet and shell colours, and you have a hot tub that not only looks great, but that perfectly matches your space.

Sensory pleasure

The Limelight collection is not only a feast for the eyes, it offers a truly immersive sensory experience. Within the shell you’ll find underwater LEDs that are fully adjustable, allowing you to set the mood in your spa. You can also set the mood beyond the water, with multicoloured exterior lighting ready to offer tranquility or bring the party to your outdoor area. Add in the illuminated water feature, and Limelight models come into their own at night.

For those who want an even deeper sensory experience, the optional Bluetooth® sound system, complete with marine-grade speakers, offers sound that is at once crisp and deep. Whether you’re enjoying a solo soak or a Friday night with friends, the Limelight is ready to create an atmosphere to suit.

Hydromassage heaven

Which is the best seat in a Limelight? Whichever one is free! With dozens of expertly designed and strategically positioned jets spread around each of these spas, you can expect a hydromassage that will melt away tension, and soothe those muscle groups that work the hardest day-to-day.

The hydrotherapy experience can even be customised to each seat, as the LCD control panel offers complete jet control. No matter whether you're looking for a solo escape, a romantic soak, some quality family time or a weekend party, the Limelight collection is ready to deliver.