The Hot Spot® Collection


The TriStar allows more people to enjoy the luxury and indulgence of spa pool ownership than ever before. It’s not just that it’s a perfectly affordable spa that forms a key part of Hot Spring’s entry-level Freeflow range, it’s also the clever design, created to fit into and make smarter use of more spaces than any other model. This triangular spa pool can be squeezed into unused corners of your patio, deck or even balcony, bringing hydrotherapy to those who may previously have assumed they didn’t have space!


3 Adults


178 x 178 x 79 cm


700 litres



Make it your own


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Good things come in threes

Three corners, three sides, three seats, three smiling faces. While measuring just 178cm on its longest sides, the TriStar has been cleverly engineered to offer a surprising amount of interior room. 

Two sumptuous bucket seats are joined by a deep central footwell, allowing you to stretch right out. 17 jets dot the spa: both bucket seats enjoy unique arrays that focus on key areas of the back, as well as wrist jets that can relieve computer-induced tension, and foot jets to soothe tired ankles and arches. Add a cool down bench in the middle, and you’ve got a complete suite of hydrotherapy experiences.

Ready, steady, soak!

You won’t have to wait long to enjoy the charms of the TriStar. Unlike other spas that often require specialist plumbing, wiring and installation from professional tradespeople, Hot Spring’s Plug-N-Play technology makes setup an absolute breeze.

Place the (surprisingly light) TriStar wherever you want it. Grab your garden hose and fill it up. Plug the spa into a standard 230V outlet. Set the spa to your preferred temperature (with the click of a button on the built-in control panel.) Change into your togs while you wait for it to warm, then jump on in!

Compact but tough

Like a featherweight boxer, the TriStar is a small but robust unit. The secret to this spa’s toughness is its unique build. Like all Freeflow spa pools, The TriStar uses the super efficient roto-moulding production technique to create a unibody construction so strong that it removes the need for the internal frame seen in most other spas!

With fewer materials and less labour required, the TriStar is not only strong, but incredibly cost-effective, and these production savings are passed onto you. The result: a compact, unique and high quality spa pool that brings more than a little bit of luxury to your backyard. 

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

3 adults


178 x 178 x 79 cm

Water Capacity

700 litres


135 kg Dry Weight


Lighting System

Multi-colour underwater light

Jet Count


Control System

Intuitive digital control panel with eco modes


Plug-N-Play 240V, 10amp (2kw heater)


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Ozone System


Vinal Cover Options

ASTM approved safety cover with locking clips and hinge seal

* Includes water and 3 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances