The Hot Spot® Collection


The rhythms of life are many and varied: a solo escape after a long day at work, quality time spent with family, weekend fun with friends. Whatever the tempo is that you seek, you can be confident of finding it in the Rhythm by Hot Spring. A seven-person spa pool that can play every role from day spa masseuse to party host, this is one of the most adaptable and value packed spas on the market.


7 Adults


213 x 213 x 92 cm


1,250 litres



Make it your own


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Generous in every way

The Rhythm is the largest spa pool in the Hot Spot range, a collection that sits comfortably between the high-end and entry-level models, pairing luxury features with affordability.

At 213cm x 213cm, the Rhythm is large enough to hold seven, yet compact enough to fit in a little over 4m² of space, whether in a courtyard or on a deck. This value packed spa pool has a feature list as generous as its seating, with 40 hydromassage jets, 10 underwater LEDs, integrated pillows and a bartop wrapped up in a modern, elegant and perfectly minimalist design.

Hidden treasures

While the sleek design and integrated features of the Rhythm catch the eye, there’s plenty more hidden away under the bonnet. Within the spacious cabinetry you’ll find a wealth of technology that works to enhance your spa pool ownership experience.

There’s the SilentFlo circulation system, which continuously moves water to dramatically lower noise and reduce wear and tear on the Rhythm’s machinery. There’s the FROG in-line sanitation system, which automatically cleans and freshens your water, and demands nothing more than the occasional cartridge change. Then there’s the FiberCor insulation - 4x denser than standard foam, it keeps your water warm and your power bills low!

Six massage experiences

Imagine having six masseurs, ready and waiting in your backyard for whenever you might need them. That’s the reality for Rhythm owners. This spa pool boasts a generous array of seats, six of which have unique arrays of hydromassage jets, meaning your spa pool is able to deliver six distinct hydromassage experiences. No matter how you like your massage, or which areas of the body you feel tension in, there’s a seat to suit, 

Enjoy 40 separate jets in three high-performance designs (Directional, Directional Precision and Rotary Hydromassage), each ready to melt your tension away. An escape for one, two, a family or a group of friends, the Rhythm offers up the most quality of quality time.

Product Specs

Seating Capacity

7 adults


213 x 213 x 92 cm

Water Capacity

1,250 litres


383 kg Dry

2,185 kg Filled*

Lighting System

10 multi-colour LED points of light, dimmable

Entertainment Systems


Wireless Sound System (optional)

Jet Count


Hot Tub Jets

3 XL Directional Hydromassage jets
2 XL Rotary Hydromassage jets
3 Directional Hydromassage jets
2 Rotary Hydromassage jets
30 Directional Precision™ jets

Control System

IQ 2020™ with LCD control panel
240v/15amp, 50Hz


No-Fault™, 2000w/240V

Jet Pump 1

Wavemaster™ 8200; Two-speed,
2.0 HP Continuous Duty, 4.0 HP
Breakdown Torque

Jet Pump 2

Wavemaster™ 8000; One-speed,
2.0 HP Continuous Duty, 4.0 HP
Breakdown Torque

Ozone System

FROG® In-Line Cartridge Ready*

Water Carte Options

FreshWater® III Corona Discharge(optional)

Effective Filtration Area

6m2, top loading filters

Vinal Cover Colours

Nutmeg or Stone

Vinal Cover Options

9 to 6 cm tapered, 32 kg/m3 density foam core

Cover Lifters (Optional)

CoverCradle™, CoverCradle II, or

* Includes water and 7 adults weighing 79 kg. each
**Depending on local electrical circumstances