The Hot Spot® Collection

Hot Spring spa pools are known for their market-leading quality, durability, innovation and design. And by choosing a model in the Hot Spot® Collection, you’re now able to enjoy all that makes Hot Spring spa pools so desirable, but at a price that is surprisingly kind to the hip pocket.

High-end massage

A day spa in your own backyard, complete with trained masseuse? That’s the reality for Hot Spot owners, who are treated to the latest and greatest in hydromassage technology. Every jet is expertly designed, carefully chosen and strategically placed to ensure that tension is effectively melted away from all key areas of your body, from the neck and shoulders, through the back, and down to the ankles and feet.

A pair of models - the SX® and TX® - even feature the premier jet in the Hot Spring range, the Moto-Massage®. This moving jet was the first of its kind, able to sweep a powerful yet soothing stream of water up and down your back to more effectively melt away tension.

Clean, clear and feathery soft

Say goodbye to endless hours playing with litmus strips and pool chemicals. Hot Spot owners instead enjoy a number of intelligent water care systems that remove much of the maintenance effort and hassle.

There’s the FROG® system that makes water care as simple as making coffee with a pod - the replacement of a cartridge is all it takes to keep your water clean and clear. Then there’s the SilentFlo® 5000 system, which continually keeps the water moving, and reduces machinery wear, tear and noise in the process. Then there’s the FreshWater® III system, which uses ozone technology to create the softest and most luxurious water around!

Designer looks without the price tag

You wouldn’t pick the Hot Spot range as an affordable collection by looking at it. Care has been taken to ensure that these spa pools are the sort that you’d make a feature of your outdoor area, rather than something to be hidden away. Mixing traditional spa pool style cues with modern minimalism, and able to be customised with your choice of interior and exterior finishes, Hot Spot spas look every bit as good as they feel.

It’s the small touches that complete the look: the clean, organic contours, the metal finishes, the LED lighting and water features. You’ll also enjoy all the confidence that comes with buying a Hot Spring, with a range of multi-year warranties guaranteeing that you’ll be happily soaking long into the future.