The Highlife® Collection

Living the high life

Do you enjoy the finer things in life? Are you on a constant search to find the best? A spa pool range built for those who seek the ultimate pleasures, and who prefer not to compromise, the Highlife collection sees over 40 years of spa pool innovation and expertise distilled into a number of luxurious, indulgent and visually stunning packages. These are spa pools built not just to meet the most lofty of expectations, but to exceed them.

Oozing European elegance

The Highlife range of spa pools are as much backyard centrepiece as they are a place to rest, relax and recharge. Designed to be equally at home in an alpine cabin, a suburban backyard or an inner city penthouse, the modern and minimalist design of Highlife spas will elevate whatever space you choose to place yours in.

What’s more, all Highlife models can be built to suit your decor, thanks to 24 different cabinet and shell configurations. The finishes feature tones and textures inspired by metal, stone and wood, and range from the crisp and clean to the warm and homely. Add in lighting and water features, and your Highlife can even set the mood!

Innovative intelligence

In the eye-watering list of features that the Highlife boasts, a few manage to stand out. The powerful yet soothing jets are quite rightly the stars of the show, particularly the Moto-Massage® DX, a revolutionary moving jet that moves up and down your spine, working away aches, pains and tension all the while.

The IQ2020® wireless touchscreen puts the control of the Highlife at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust everything from lighting and music to jet strength and water care. You can even cool the waters of your Highlife in the heat of summer, allowing you to comfortably enjoy therapeutic hydromassage every day of the year.

A spa that almost takes care of itself

Forget pool nets, litmus strips and endless chemicals - for those who choose a Highlife, spa pool ownership could not be quicker nor easier, thanks to a wealth of maintenance and water care technologies designed to take care of the busywork.

There’s the FreshWater® Salt System, in which a titanium cartridge generates chlorine from salt. There’s a no-bypass filtration system, ensuring your water is 100% filtered 100% of the time. There’s the multiple density foam insulation - the type used in commercial freezers - that keeps cold out and warmth in, lowering power bills. All in all, Highlife owners spend less time working, and more time playing.