Dolphin Robotic Vacuum

The Dolphin Supreme family of robotic cleaners was designed with the pool owner in mind.

Powerful performance coupled with Dolphin exclusive features that you won’t find in any other cleaner! Real solutions for real pool challenges.


The Dolphin Difference

There is something about a Dolphin cleaner that lets you know it’s different from other robotic cleaners. Our range of Dolphin robotic cleaners is superior in many ways.

It’s a difference you can touch

The moment you first open the box - the thickness of the shell, the quality of the brushes, the user-friendly and intuitive design. 

It’s a difference that you can see

The Dolphin scrubs pool surfaces and vacuums away debris, leaving you with a sparkling clean pool.

It’s a difference you can feel

Every time you get in the pool, feel confident knowing that you have chosen an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solution for clean, healthy water.