Pool Lighting

Traditional lighting can change the way your pool looks, but Fibre Optic lighting will change the way you look at your pool.

With the colour changing characteristic, you can literally change the mood of the evening. From delicate to exhilarating, there is a variety of colours to choose from. Perhaps you would like to give your spa or pool a boost with some of our water features.


You can also define your pool or enhance those steps leading to it with our Perimeter Lighting.


We can also enhance your deck, outdoor patio, walkway or drive way with our fibre optic lighting. There are thousands of options to pick from.



Illuminate the crystal clear water of your pool with fibre optic underwater lighting. Underwater lighting lets you set the mood of the evening.


Fibre optic technology is the safest way to magically illuminate your pool. There is no heat or electricity on the fibre optic cable so service at the underwater lens fixture is eliminated.


Transform your pool or spa into an extraordinary dimension of brilliant light.



Paint the line of your pool with a stunning pallet of glowing colours. Outline the perimeter of your pool or spa or highlight your steps with SideGlow® cable.


Your design ideas can become a reality with versatile fibre optic lighting. SideGlow® cable is safe, durable and virtually invisible during the daytime.


Add a touch of elegance and drama that your guests will be talking about all night long with SideGlow® perimeter cable.


Lighting systems not only enhance your swimming pool and spa but also the deck, water features and landscaped areas. Custom design your own backyard oasis with safe fibre optic lighting.


Let pathway lighting safely light the way. Or illuminate your brick deck, walkway or driveway with exciting illuminated pavers.


Feature lights can brighten raised walls or add colourful interest behind a waterfall.


When these lighting areas are combined with your underwater or perimeter lighting systems it will change the way your see and use your pool forever.


Water features come in delicate forms where the water drops in diamond like droplets, to groups of sprays that fall heavily and make a dramatic display of turbulent white water.


Pool Lighting



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