Pool Equipment

Filemaster Pumps

Filtermaster FX Pumps and FM Pumps.

Latest pump technology to provide efficient and totally trouble free performance in spa and pool use.


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EcoPure Sand Filtration Filter

Good filtration is a crucial element to any healthy swimming pool. EcoPure High Rate Sand Filters require little ongoing maintenance as compared to other types of filters allowing you more time to enjoy swimming in your pool rather than looking after it.


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Magnum Filters

Magnum Filters

Pools & Spas Kapiti Ltd supply a wide range of Magnum Filters - spa pool and swimming pool filter cartridges. Call in-store for details.

Performance Plus Heat Pumps

Performance Plus Heat Pumps

Whisper quiet operation, latest up to the minute technology applied and performance enhanced titanium tubed heat exchanger. (Titanium tubing is the ultimate material for swimming pool heat exchangers due to its resistance to corrosive water found in many pools).


PDF Performance-Plus-Heat-Pumps.pdf (2.21MB)

HX Gas Heaters

HX Gas Heaters

Hurlcon HX Gas Heaters provide a low-cost solution to the task of spa and pool heating: two models to ensure faster heating at the lowest possible cost.


PDF HX-Gas-Heaters.pdf (237KB)


Salt Chlorinators

The ESC system utilises low levels of common salt (only 0.3% or 3000ppm less than half as salty as a human tear drop) to sanitise the pool water. The mild salt water is electrolysed using an advanced electronic process to automatically sanitise the pool water, even when you are away for extended periods.


PDF Chloromatic-Salt-Water-Chlorinator.pdf (324KB)

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