Hot Spring Hot Tub Jets

Liquid Tranquility in a Spa

Whether it's to unwind from the complexities of everyday life or to rejuvenate sore muscles and joints, hydromassage can help you feel better naturally.


The simple truth is nothing relaxes like a Hot Spring spa.


Because, no other spa has the same wide variety of unique jets intelligently designed and engineered to optimize your enjoyment


Systematic Soothing

The Hot Spring spa experience is much more than the sum of its jets. The highly efficient hot tub pump and manifold plumbing system evenly distribute the water flow to each and every jet. By designing  our own jets and optimizing the plumbing system, we've minimized restrictions in the water flow, providing every jet the power to give you an incredible massage.


Besides a wide variety of hot tub jets, we also give you many ways to use them. Our exclusive SmartJet® system lets you divert water to different combinations of jets to customize your hydromassage experience. Selecting hot tub jet combinations and fine tuning the  feel is as easy as turning the attractive SmartJet® lever.


The Comfort Control® system lets you adjust our spa jets in two ways - either with an easy twist of a jet faceplate or a simple push of a topside lever.



Sensational Jets

Quartet Jet System

Quartet™ Jet System

Stress and tension melt away as four Precision™ jets, located above each Moto-Massage™ DX jet in our hot tubs, work like an extra set of hands to massage and relax your neck and shoulders.

Soothing Seven Jet

Soothing Seven® Jet

Each jet's seven outlets broadcast a large volume of water. Positioned side by side, these hot tub jets provide gentle treatment to your shoulders and upper back. A Hot Spring spa exclusive.

Hydromassage Jet

Hydromassage Jet

Powerful but not punishing, this spa jet offers an interchangeable nozzle. Select the flow-enhanced directional nozzle for maximum performance or the dual-port rotary nozzle for a V-shaped pulsating massage.

Jet-cluster Systems

Jet-Cluster™ Systems

For a full back massage, our exclusive Jet-Cluster™ hydromassage systems target specific muscle groups by directing various jets to work each part of the back.

JetStream Jet

JetStream® Jet

Aching lower back pain needs the extra power of a JetStream®

jet. An invigorating, directional whirlpool jet-far more powerful than a hydromassage jet-offers fast relief.

Footwell System

FootStream™ System

After a long day on your feet, nothing feels better than the invigorating massage of our FootStream™ system. While other spas typically only use standard hydromassage or mini-jets, the FootStream™ system uses the power of our JetStream® jet to provide a maximum-strength foot massage.

Hydrosteam Jet

Hydrostream™  Jet

HydroStream™ jets provide a strong flow of water and air that quickly soothe away tension.

Precision Jet

Precision® Jet

Focusing attention on your back, neck, calves and wrists, the Precision jets directional and rotary nozzles perform like the fingers of a professional masseuse.

Moto-Massage® DX Jet

Imagine two warm streams of water sweeping up and down the entire length of your back, soothing overworked muscles and loosening all the little knots of tension. With just a slight shift of your body the warm stream glides easily over the muscles on either side of your spine. Another Hot Spring spa exclusive.




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