Warm spas, hot deals

A solo soak on a Wednesday, a hot tub party on a Friday, a romantic hydromassage on a Sunday; whatever spa pool ownership looks like to you, whether one or all of the above, there’s a Hot Spring® spa pool or Endless Pools® swim spa to suit. And by capitalising on the incredible deals at Pools & Spas Kapiti, you can enjoy all the luxury, wellness and enhancement of lifestyle that a spa pool brings, and at a surprisingly low price.

The ultimate backyard investment

Is a spa pool or swim spa a luxurious and indulgent purchase? Sure, but it can also prove to be more of an investment than a cost:

  • In your home: Looking to add value to your property? Look no further than a spa pool. A hot tub can be the ultimate X-factor, helping your property stand out. Not ready to say goodbye to your spa? No problem - all Hot Spring and Endless Pools models are 100% portable, so you can take your spa pool with you!


  • In your investment property: Owners of holiday rentals have been using spa pools to increase bookings for decades. Offering such a luxury feature will also allow you to charge more per stay! Hello increased earnings.


  • In your lifestyle: Whether you hope to spend quality time with your partner, your family or your friends, a spa pool is an electronics- and distraction-free zone where you can truly connect with the ones you love, reclaiming the quality time that we so often lack.


  • In yourself: The ultimate solo escape, a spa pool is an investment in your mental and physical health, with a wealth of proven benefits. By choosing a swim spa, you’ll also have a personal hydrotherapist right there in your backyard!


Our current deals can be found below. If any catch your eye, hit up Pools & Spas Kapiti for a test soak today!

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